Joe Rogan Speaks The Truth About School

I have felt this way for a long time about the education system, especially how the education system in America limits children in their creativity. Read more of this post

KONY 2012: Join The Army of Peace

I don’t even feel the need to write anything, the video will explain everything.

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The Bohemian Grove

The bohemian grove

The Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove is a 2.700 acre campground located in Monte Rio, California.

The campground is owned by a private San Francisco based men’s art club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two week encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.

The men secretly meet in a remote grove of ancient redwood trees deep in the forests. Some 1,500 members keep their membership roles a secret, but include the super rich blood dynasty member families of the Illuminati, heavy-hitting corporate chieftains and high government officials. Amongst them are also a number of Hollywood movie stars, Broadway producers, famous entertainers, musicians, authors, painters, and poets.

Notable members of the club include former U.S. Presidents, William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush Sr. and Jr. Most of  George Bush Jr.’s administration top officials are also members including Colin Powell.

Closed to the public, sealed off by helicopters, a private security force, and armed guards, there can be no doubt that without the prying eyes of the public upon them, the power elite may engage in whatever activities they wish at the Grove. Whether it’s crafting policy matters in secret, dancing around in drag, cheating on their wives with prostitutes, taking drugs, practicing black magic, or even committing murder, the pristine isolation of the Bohemian Grove provides a convenient cover for any immoral or illegal behavior one desires.

National radio host Alex Jones, who owns the website, was able to infiltrate the Bohemian Grove back in July of 2000.

Here is what he discovered:

(Footage from the Bohemian Grove ritual can be seen in the last 30 seconds of the video)

What I find most disturbing about the Bohemian Grove is how many of the world’s top leaders, executives, and celebrities all meet here in secret each year to perform what looks to me like a satanic cult ritual.

What exactly is the purpose of this ritual?

Why are a staggering number of the world’s “elite” meeting here?

What kind of discussions and meetings take place between these members?

What is the overall intention and goals of the Bohemian Club?

Knowing that a lot of powerful, rich, and influential individuals from all over the world have been meeting here each year for over a century, what are they working towards?

Are they trying to figure out a plan to gain even more power over the middle and lower classes of their respective societies?

If the world leaders have nothing but good intentions for the future of this planet, why would they meet in secret and not let the public know what their plans are?

cremation of care ritual

The "Cremation of Care" Ritual

I like to speculate a lot, but I feel a lot of business goes on here that the public can’t know about. If it benefited us in any way, they would have told us about it already. The way things have been going in recent years, I tend to believe we are being left out of the loop on a lot of developments these powerful elite have in mind for the rest of us folk.

There is too much information that is held back from the general public. As Americans, we should have the right to know what our “leaders” are doing here. We should have the right to know why a large percentage of our former presidents and government officials are members of this “secret society.”

What is the big secret?

What do you have planned for the future?

They can’t possibly be working towards world peace. If they were working towards building a bright future for all of us, I think we would already have seen some developments.

But we haven’t.

What we have is war and conflict, and it is only getting worse.

The American economy and monetary system is failing, because it doesn’t work. The people behind all of the corruption and failure of the banking systems are being bailed out by the ones in charge of the whole system.

It is a complete mess, and the only way to change it is to have everyone on the same page. Everyone in the human race on the same page working towards creating a bright future free of corruption, full of peace and love, and empty of secrets.

Having our world’s leaders meet in private to conduct rituals that symbolize Satan isn’t keeping all of us in the loop and on the same page. We need assurance that are leaders are working in our best interests, and we are not getting that assurance.

Maybe we will one day, but to me, this entire system our world runs on is too flawed and corrupt. We need something to be done. We need something to be done before we ruin our chances of turning things around, otherwise it might be too late.



100 “Red Flag” Questions From 9/11

dick cheney evil

The Real Life Dr. Evil. Dick Cheney.

There are numerous unanswered questions from the “terrorist attacks” on September 11th, 2001.

1. Why didn’t jets intercept the airliners since they had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?

2. Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial, citing an unidentified “threat” in July 2001?

3. Why were there no photos or videos of the Pentagon plane?

4. Why didn’t the Secret Service hustle George W. Bush out of the classroom?

5. Why does building 7 fall into its footprint  much like a controlled demolition?

6. Why did passengers or crew members on three of the flights all use the term box cutters?

7. Where are the flight recorders?

8. Why were the FISA warrants discontinued?

9. How did Bush see the first plane crash on live camera?

10 Why was the security meeting scheduled for 9/11cancelled by WTC management on 9/10?

11. How did they come up with the “culprits” so quickly?

12. How did they find the terrorist’s cars at the airports so quickly?

13. Why did Shrub dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force?

14. Why the strange pattern of debris from Flight 93?

15. Where are the plane parts from United 93?

16. How extensive was the relationship between the Taliban, the ISI and the CIA?

17. What exactly was the role of Henry Kissinger at UNOCAL?

18. When was it decided to cancel building a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan?

19. When was the decision made to send the FEMA to New York?

20. Why did FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney tell Dan Rather he was in New York on Sept. 10?

21. Why did the FBI in 1996 close the files to investigate Osama bin Laden’s relatives in Washington?

22. Why did Bush stop inquiries into terrorist connections of the Bin Laden family in early 2001?

The American War Machine

23. Who made the decision to have John O’Neill stop investigating Al-qeada accounts?

24. Who gave the decision to give him a security job at the World Trade Center?

25. Did John O’Neill meet anyone of the FEMA in the night of September 10th?

26. What about media reports that hijackers bought tickets for flights scheduled after Sept. 11?

27. Why did none of the 19 hijackers appear on the passenger lists?

28. Why would devout Muslims frequent bars, drink alcoholic beverages and leave their bibles?

29. Why would the hijackers use credit cards and allow drivers licenses with photos to be xeroxed?

30. Why did the hijackers force passengers to call relatives?

31. How did the hijackers change the flight plan without law enforcement or the military try to stop them?

32. Which hijacker’s passport was found in the WTC rubble? Who found it and what time?

33. How could the FBI distinguish between “regular” Muslims and hijacker Muslims on those flights?

34. Why was there not one “innocent” Muslim on board any of these flights?

35. Did someone go through the passenger lists looking for Muslim names and label them as hijackers?

36. Did the Florida police provide information that Atta was searched because of 1)an expired Visa, 2) driving a car without a license, 3) because of an incident at Miami Airport?

37. Why did Atta leave his bag at the airport and the employees didn’t put it on board?

38. Who found his bag? How can we be sure it it was his bag?

39. Why did Atta place a video “how to fly planes”, a uniform, and his last will into his bag, knowing that he would commit suicide?

40. Why did Atta leave his drivers license in a rental car?

41. When did Atta train on a flight simulator?

42. Did Atta leave the US while in training and then return?

43. Why did Atta decide to study at Opa Locka, a famous hub of 6 Navy training bases and includes government partners like U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Police (Miami-Dade) Aviation Unit?

44. Why was Atta allowed to study since he was stopped by the police for driving without a license and also for violating his visa?

45. Why were the Black Boxes never recovered ?

46. Why didn’t the FBI release the air traffic controller’s protocols?

47. Why did the FBI not release the Flight Data Recorder info?

Joe Rogan and The War Pigs

48. Who video-recorded the first plane hitting the tower? Why did he disappear from the media?

49. How did the FBI receive a tip from a passenger who boarded a different plane and reached his destination safely that he had a confrontation with two ME men at the Logan airport in Boston?

50. Who tipped the FBI to storm the Westin Hotel in Boston on September 12th?

51. Where did the photos of all 19 hijackers come from?

False Flag Operations

52. How were all hijackers identified just 2 days after the attack?

53. Why did all 19 names not appear on the passenger list 2 days after the hijacker list was released?

54. Why do none of the names appear on the passenger lists UA and AA gave to CNN?

55. How could the hijackers disable the defense systems?

56. Why did the FBI ignore Bin Laden’s family, who left the United States without further investigation

57. What about the supposed hijackers who are still alive?

58. Was there a reason to change the list of the original 19 hijackers?

59. What happened to Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath, who have been in jail since September 2001, because of possession of box cutters on a train?Who gave the tip to arrest them?

60. Why did it take 4 months before Ramsi Binalschibhs name was mentioned, since he was a good friend of Mohammad Atta and lived in his apartment in Hamburg?

The Rockefeller Connection to 9/11

61. Why did it take 4 months until December 11 to charge Zacarias Moussaoui for the 9/11 attacks when his case was known worldwide for months, but not mentioned in the American media?

62. Whatever happened with Lotfi Raissi, who was arrested in UK for teaching the terrorist pilots?

63. What is the current status of the investigation of Mamoun Darkazanli Import-Export-Company in Hamburg and Al Taqwa Management Organisation in Lugano?

64. Why was Richard Reid able to enter the Paris airport twice and who paid for his hotel?

65. Who hired Zacarias Masspoui to learn how to fly passenger jets in the United States?

66. Why did the FBI or CIA fail to interrogate him between August and December 2001? BIN LADEN

67. Did the CIA monitor Bin Laden in 1998 with the help of 15 Afghan agents, paid $1,000/ month?

68. Where are these agents? Was Johnny “Mike” Spann one? Was John Walker Lindh one?

69. Is an Afghan agent a member of the ISI? Is an Afghan agent working for Bin Laden?

70. When was the first time Tenet mentioned the Al-Quaeda group to any member of the Senate?

71. Why did the Pentagon release a new video version or translation of the Bin Laden Home video?

72. Why it was released only 8 hours after translation by the German magazine MONITOR on December ?

73. Why were the four translators prior US-Government workers?

74. When was the Bin Laden Home Video found and who found it?

75. Who found the video if Northern Alliance and US troops had not yet arrived in Kandahar or Jahalabad?

76. Does the timestamp on the Bin Laden video indicate that it was found two weeks after it was produced?

77. Why was the public not informed who found the video and when?

78. Why according to MONITOR magazine, were the most controversial statements translated incorrectly?

79. Why was the video released?

80. Who gave the final decision to release it?

81. Why is the Bin Laden video of June 2001 in which he praised the attack, available on the Internet?

82. What about Bin Laden’s statements on Al-Jazeera in June 2001 about the bombing of USS Cole, which are similar to the statements on the November 2001 home video?

83. Why did Bin Laden state in Umman Magazine in Sept. 2001, that he was not involved in the WTC?

84. Is Bin Laden still on the payroll of the CIA or ISI?

85. Did the Bin Laden Group Inc. help build ToraBora with the CIA?

86. What was the purpose of the meeting with General Pervez Musharraf in May 2001?

87. Why was a statement released that Al-Khalifa bin Laden, who is not the mother of Bin Laden, had a telephone call with Bin Laden on September 9, rather than Alia Ghanem, his mother? Why did Alia Ghanem say she did not believe he planned the attack?

88. Did two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast before 9/11?

89. Did 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation ‘Bright Star’ on 9/11? What was the purpose of both of these operations?

90. When did Tommy Franks learn that he would use Thermobarics in ToraBora?

91.Does he know if it had been tested on December 12 in Nevada?

92. Who told Franks that Bin Laden might hide in ToraBora?

93. Is the main purpose of Thermobarics to destroy buried bio and chemical stocks?

94. Was Thermobarics developed for the purpose to use one day in Iraq?

95. When was the first time Franks used Thermobarics? Was it before or after the announcement of the end of ABM Treaty on December 11?

96. When did the US decide to use B61-11, the “nuclear version” of its “conventional” BLU-113 counterpart?

97. Why has the NSA destroyed data collected on Americans or US companies since the Sept. 11 attacks?

98. Why did Larry Silverstein (owner of the World Trade Center) take out an insurance policy against terrorism just 6 months before the attacks?

99. Why is Larry Silverstein on BBC news telling the reporter that they decided to “pull” WTC 7? Pull is a term used in demolition.

100. Could the American government actually conduct terrorist attacks against their own people?

Check out: Operation Northwoods, and the Link to September 11th.


Phil Ivey Might Be Good at Poker?

Phil is a complete sicko.

There are not many people in the world who can pull off a move like this.

The reason Phil decides to 5bet all in here is because he feels Lex has a weak range of hands to 4bet from his own straddle. Phil figures Lex is trying to defend his straddle and also pick off his weak 3bet of Barry’s opening raise.

It is perfectly fine to 4bet in that spot for Lex, but he might think again at taking a shot at Ivey’s re-steal after this hand.

Ivey’s read was spot on, and he trusts himself enough to pull off moves like this knowing he is going to be right most of the time.

Ivey has a “feel” for what is going on at the tables at all times.

Ivey also has a complete disdain for money, and plays poker better than anyone on this planet because of it.

He isn’t afraid to lose,and is willing to makes super advanced moves like this that no one would even consider if they attached any kind of value to money.



piano keyboard

Some Individuals Can Perceive Color From Sounds

Synesthesia is an involuntary joining in which the real information of one sense is accompanied by a perception in another sense.

In addition to being involuntary, this additional perception is regarded by the synesthete as real, often outside the body, instead of imagined in the mind’s eye. It also has some other interesting features that clearly separate it from artistic fancy or purple prose.

Its reality and vividness are what make synesthesia so interesting in its violation of conventional perception. Synesthesia is also fascinating because logically it should not be a product of the human brain, where the evolutionary trend has been for increasing separation of function anatomically.

Common experiences with synesthesia include perceiving colors in numbers, letters, and also when hearing sounds. A synesthetic alphabet for these individuals has a color associated with each letter. Colors of each letter vary for each individual.

True neurological synesthesia is involuntary meaning people affected by this phenomenon have no control over it.

Estimates say that synesthesia could possibly be as prevalent as 1 in 23 persons across its range of variants.  Synesthesia runs strongly in families, but the precise mode of inheritance has yet to be ascertained.

Synesthesia is also sometimes reported by individuals under the influence of psychedelic drugs, after a stroke, during a temporal lobe epileptic seizure, or as a result of blindness or deafness.

synesthesia sound and color

Letters Perceived With Color and Sounds

Psychological research has demonstrated that synesthetic experiences can have measurable behavioral consequences, while functional neuroimaging studies have identified differences in patterns of brain activation.

Many people with synesthesia use their experiences to aid in their creative process, and many non-synesthetes have attempted to create works of art that may capture what it is like to experience synesthesia.

Synesthetes often report that they were unaware their experiences were unusual until they realized other people did not have them, while others report feeling as if they had been keeping a secret their entire lives, as has been documented in interviews with synesthetes on how they discovered synesthesia in their childhood.

Synesthetes are likely to participate in creative activities.

Individual development of perceptual and cognitive skills, and one’s cultural environment likely determine the variety in awareness and practical use of synesthetic skills.

These are major topics of ongoing research.




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