Is Marc Martel the Next Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury and marc martel

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was arguably the best front man of all time. The way that he performed for his fans was unbelievable. He kept the audience involved from beginning to end, putting on an amazing show every single time he stepped foot on the stage.

Not only was he known for his physical performances, but he was also known as one of the best male vocalists ever. His voice sends chills down the back of any listener. He was the core of one of the most successful world-wide rock bands ever, Queen.

Everyone in the world knows Queen for songs such as We Will Rock You, We are the Champions, and Bohemian Rhapsody. To be honest, these songs are at the bottom of my list of favorite Queen songs, but they are still legendary.

After Freddie passed away, Queen was not the same. Although some of their famous songs still live on in movies and shows, they weren’t able to make the great music that they did with Freddie.

Years after his death in 1991, Queen started to have competitions to see who can sing or perform like Freddie, whether it was just for fun or to actually try to find a new front man.

There has been bands such as Almost Queen, who are pretty good, but nowhere even close to the original band. About 6 years ago, I went to see Queen perform with Paul Rodgers as the front man. Paul Rodgers is the lead singer of the band Bad Company. He did a good job respecting Freddie and doing the band a favor, but in my opinion, he sucked.

It is very hard to match Freddie’s voice, but someone is ready to prove that he has what it takes.

Marc Martel is a lead singer for a small band of him and his friends. When he was informed about a recent competition that Roger Taylor (Queen’s drummer)  was running to find the best musicians to make a Queen tribute band, he decided to send in his video. I am a big Queen fan, and let me tell you, he is AMAZING! Obviously he can’t sound exactly like Freddie, but I bet he is the closest in the world.

This video went viral very quickly, and now it has close to 6 million views. That is unbelievable!

At first I didn’t believe it was his real voice, but Ellen DeGeneres quickly helped verify this. She saw his video, and made sure to get him on her show.

He sure doesn’t have the stage presence that Freddie Mercury had, but I believe his voice is the closest that you can get to Freddie.

If you turn away from your computer screen and just listen to him, he sounds even more like Freddie Mercury.


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