Phil Ivey Might Be Good at Poker?

Phil is a complete sicko.

There are not many people in the world who can pull off a move like this.

The reason Phil decides to 5bet all in here is because he feels Lex has a weak range of hands to 4bet from his own straddle. Phil figures Lex is trying to defend his straddle and also pick off his weak 3bet of Barry’s opening raise.

It is perfectly fine to 4bet in that spot for Lex, but he might think again at taking a shot at Ivey’s re-steal after this hand.

Ivey’s read was spot on, and he trusts himself enough to pull off moves like this knowing he is going to be right most of the time.

Ivey has a “feel” for what is going on at the tables at all times.

Ivey also has a complete disdain for money, and plays poker better than anyone on this planet because of it.

He isn’t afraid to lose,and is willing to makes super advanced moves like this that no one would even consider if they attached any kind of value to money.


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