Peyton Manning and Colts Part Ways

Peyton Manning

Manning and Colts Part Ways

The day every Colt fan has feared for the past six months has come true.

Peyton Manning will NOT be a Colt next season and the NFL Offseason starts with a HUGE bang.

For the remaining Colt fans that haven’t hung themselves yet, do not worry, PeteyDeez is here to wipe away your tears and give you a shoulder to lean on.

If you thought this day was not going to come, you are an idiot and should not call yourself a football fan. I know it is hard to swallow for you Colt fans out there, but this was sealed once the Colts secured the #1 pick for Andrew Luck.

The Colts were not going to pay Manning $28 Million and draft a quarterback with the #1 pick, that is just too much money tied up in one position. Than you add the fact that new head coach Chuck Pagano is a defensive minded coach that wanted to improve the entire Colts team, this was only a matter of time.

Also, I can’t say there is not a “bad guy” in this situation, Peyton Manning still thinks he can play and there is NOTHING wrong with that. For those of you who wanted him to retire because he was not going to play with the Colts, once again, you are an idiot.

Colt fans should actually feel good about this. At least Manning did not retire than come back and play for another team to spite your team’s General Manager….. ring a bell?

From an organizational point of view, the Colts did nothing wrong either. The Colts need to improve their TEAM and drafting Luck and using money to fill other positions fulfills that. Also the Colts need to get younger and become much more balanced and cutting Manning allows them to do this.

This actually works out for both parties and is really a no-brainer when you think about it.

Is it still big news that Peyton Manning got cut?


It is PEYTON MANNING, one of the greatest quarterbacks of our time and he is a FREE AGENT?


What makes this such a compelling story is Manning’s injury and how he will perform for his new team. Historically, quarterbacks that have been dominant for one team have not gone to another team and win a Lombardi trophy.

Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Joe Namath and Kurt Warner were all great quarterbacks for their respective teams, yet NONE of them could win their new team to a super bowl championship.

However, if there is ONE player that can change that, it is Peyton Manning. Reports say Manning has been throwing well in drills and looks great, too bad those drills do not have a 6’5 270 pound defensive end coming from his blind side to end his life.

In short, we won’t know how good Manning is until he hits the field and gets hit, which I promise you will happen.

Manning also becomes the biggest risk or reward free agent in NFL History, if he plays like he did before the injury, it is the best free agent deal in history and if he does not, it is the worst free agent signing in NFL history.

Damn… I cannot wait for football season!

Peyton Manning Super Bowl

Enjoy The Memory Colt Fans

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