The MTT Grind

Timdef2003 lock poker

My Biggest Cashes To Date (click to enlarge)

It has been a fun ride since I started focusing exclusively on multi-table tournaments on

When Full Tilt was around, the cash games were very juicy, but all the money is now in tournament poker in the online world.

I have played close to 1,200 tournaments since November of 2011, and have netted close to $8,000 in profits.

It took me almost 1,000 tournaments to hit my first big score, which goes to show how much of a grind it can be to play multi-table tournaments profitably. I can definitely say I have become a better player through experience, and that was probably the reason I was able to hit another big upswing 200 tournaments later.

This is why I play tournament poker.

This is why I grind day in and day out, for the big cash.

To be successful in tournaments, you can’t focus on simply cashing, you have to focus on winning.

I have three goals when I sit down for a tournament:

1. To make the money

2. To make the final table

3. To win the tournament.

Although my biggest scores have come from 2nd and 3rd place finishes,  I have won a few tournaments along the way for some nice cashes as well.

timdef2003 lock poker

My MTT Graph over 1,200 Tournaments

In the two tournaments I finished in 2nd, I was the favorite with all the chips in the middle, only to get unlucky on the river.

It is a sickening feeling to have thousands of dollars change hands on a single card, but it makes me hungry to be back in those spots again.

And hey, the 2nd place consolation prize ain’t that bad either! ūüôā

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