Saints Violate “Bounty” Rule

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Williams Paid His Players To Injure Others

This will dwarf  “Spy Gate” in terms of how severe the NFL will penalize the Saints Organization.

To paint a picture of what was going on in the Saints organization during this “bounty” era in New Orleans, I look no further than Peter King’s article “Way Out Of Bounds”.

“On Saturday nights during the 2009 NFL season, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the lightning-rod leader of a feisty unit, would stand in front of his men holding white envelopes filled with cash—bonuses for their performances the previous week.

As Williams called up player after player, handing them envelopes with amounts ranging from $100 for a special teams tackle inside the opponents’ 20-yard line to $1,500 for knocking a foe out of the game, a chant would rise up from the fired-up defenders:

“Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!”

Many players would do just that, to beef up the pot and make the stakes bigger as the season went on.”

Pretty crazy to think this happens in an NFL locker room.

Or is it?

In a safety-first NFL, this is by far the worst news that can come and now the integrity of the whole organization is now in question.

Personally, I always thought this happened in the NFL and I was proved right by this news.

For any one that has played football, haven’t you tried to knock out the opposing team’s best player?

I know it sounds dirty and violent, but that is what football is.

It is easy to forget that now because if touch a player beyond 5 yards it is a penalty.

Before you judge anyone involved in this scandal, put yourself in the player’s shoes. You are one game away from your dream of playing in the super bowl, your ULTIMATE GOAL.

Brett Favre stands in your way.

Do you let Brett tear you apart and destroy your dreams of getting to the super bowl, that is if you are even lucky enough to get to that point in your career again?


You walk into your locker room before the game and put down $10,000 cash on the table and say “You knock out Favre, you get $10,000”

I’m pretty sure you are feeling good about Favre not finishing the game.

Jonathan Vilma did that, he is a super bowl champion now.

I know a championship should not mean more than ending someone else’s career, BUT IN FOOTBALL you are NOT a civilized person. You are not at home with your kids, you are not with your friends.

You are on a field where everyone on the opposing team is looking to absolutely DESTROY you.

I’m not saying I condone what Vilma did, but I completely understand it.

Just because I understand it, does not mean I think it is right, it is absolutely wrong and dangerous. Football is dangerous enough, you do not need to give players an incentive for hurting one another.

I expect the Saints to lose 1st round draft picks and to be fined heavily.

Also, I believe Vilma should be suspended for violating player safety rules and putting the integrity of the game at risk. Practices like this have no place in the game of football and everyone involved will have a tarnished reputation.

Greg Williams should be suspended for one season and for the rest of his career be put on probation for his bounty program. If he is caught again with this program he should be banned from coaching in the NFL again.

Although Payton may not have run the program directly, he allowed to happen under his watch, therefore he too should be suspended for 4 games or fined $1 Million.

All players that have won bounties should have their money given back and used by the NFL for safety tutorials for incoming rookie or be put to the NFL Retired Players Fund.

The Saints sold their souls to get a championship and got just what they ordered. They got their championship, but it is now forever tainted with being tied to a bounty scandal.

I can only imagine the money that was put on Peyton Manning’s head.

Maybe $40,000?

We’ll never know.

But what we do know is that Brett Favre got demolished against the Saints and here is proof.






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