Real Life 50 First Dates: Girl Forgets Everything Every 24 Hours

If you have seen 50 First Dates, you would know that Drew Barrymore’s character got into a car accident and suffered brain damage that gave her severe  memory loss. Every day she had to be reminded of who her boyfriend was (Adam Sandler) and what had happened to her. She watches a movie every morning that re-introduces her to her everyday life.

How scary is that?

It was an interesting concept in the movie, but in real life it would be someone’s worst nightmare.

Sadly, this is reality for 19-year-old Jess Lydon. Her condition isn’t as bad as Drew Barrymore’s was, but it is still unfortunate.

Susac syndrome Jess Lydon

Jess Lydon suffers from Susac Syndrome

It is called Susac Syndrome and it only allows you to remember what happened in the last 24 hours. So instead of being trapped in the past, she is actually trapped in the present.

Susac Syndrome is so rare that it has only affected 250 people in the world. People who suffer from Susac Syndrome also suffer from other symptoms such as severe headaches and dizziness. The cause of this condition is unknown.

Jess Lydon forgets what she did the day before, what she ate the day before, and who she spoke to the day before. You may be thinking, “I forget stuff that I did a day earlier too!”

Well a lot of people do, but you can probably take a couple of minutes to think and finally remember your entire day. Jess simply cannot do that.

The worst part is that her boyfriend broke up with her because he could not handle her condition, but every morning she wakes up thinking that she is still with him. So every morning someone has to tell her that they are no longer together, and she is heartbroken over and over again.

Jess explained how this condition has drastically changed her life:  “My life is ruined and my memory has gone. I have no past — just the present.”

Her mom puts it perfectly: “Jess’s life has become a living nightmare.”

Source: The Sun

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