Simulated Zombie Apocalypse in Florida

Zombie Adventure

Zombie Adventure

Have you ever watched a zombie movie and said to yourself  “I kind of wish this happened in real life”?


For some reason, I have this strange desire to participate and try to survive a zombie outbreak, real or fake. I know there are some other people out there that agree with me.

Imagine being able to have your weapons of choice, team of choice and a safe house or base while being attacked by waves of zombies?

Obviously we wouldn’t want this to happen in reality, but there is a place that offers a simulation of a zombie take-over.

In Kissimmee, Florida, there is an attraction called Zombie Adventure, and it is everything that a horror/zombie fan would ever want.

You show up with your team, gear up, grab your weapons, and start planning your strategy for survival.

For 2 hours, you roam around a 30 acre stretch of land with your team that is set up and staged perfectly. There is a crash site where the contamination started, a town, village, place to resupply, tunnel and so much more.

You use a military-style training rifle and non lethal ammo to hunt down zombies and rescue survivors in the night.

Zombie Adventure run from 630-1130 pm, and different adventures start every 15 minutes.

Critics have nothing but amazing reviews of this place.

Orlando Weekly said:

“Anyone who has ever wanted to live out a low-budget monster movie should enjoy the experience…I’m looking forward to coming back again next year…this could turn into a world-class horror attraction.”

Michael Roddy, a Halloween Horror Nights Creative Director, made it clear that this place was legit:

 “I scare people for a living, and this event scared me…” gives you all the details you need to know to prepare for this adventure.

This should help you visualize the experience (I could not find any action shots).

“Zombie Adventure is a Total Immersion Action Adventure TM.  You are not being herded through a somewhat scary maze; you are led onto a 12.5-acre outdoor stage of darkness that is filled with zombies.  Those noises that you will hear are not a soundtrack, it’s the sound of chaos and it’s headed your way. We have expanded the show this year with a bunch of new stuff: new scenes, more zombies, more close-contact scares, and most notably – you are not separated from the zombies by any barriers.  This means that as you move through the terrain, you may walk right up on a zombie (or maybe it really means that a zombie will creep up on you). 

This is not a “shooting gallery”; this is your primal instinct to survive.
While our goal is to scare the crap out of you, safety is never sacrificed.  It will be dark. It will be creepy.  If you come back (that’s if you actually make it back) and say “I almost had a heart attack”, we’re just gonna smile because that’s our job. 

This is intended to be a scary event.
Your adventure begins with a military-style briefing. The situation begins to unfold right in front of your eyes. Your team leader will guide your squad (about 20 or so people) on a 7/10ths of a mile trek through a 12.5 acre, dark and densely wooded stage. You are on a mission to save the World and to do it you must get to the laboratory to rescue the survivors. This is like any zombie video game or movie you’ve ever played or watched – only this time you are totally immersed in the action. Along the way you will encounter zombies. Now, you’ve got a weapon (paintball gear) and the zombies don’t. You know what that means – it’s a bad day to be a zombie. You are going to shoot those zombies in the head. During your adventure, you will blast you way through zombie infested woods, save the day, get the girl and ride off into the sunset (wait, I got a little ahead of myself here – sorry – the sun set a long time ago – it’s really dark here – no, I mean DARK out here).


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